Online Fundraising

You can organise your own Stress Down Day at work, school or with your friends at home!


We want to make this as easy and stress free as possible - that’s why we have shared our top 10 activities to do on July 24th 2018 to help us raise funds!


Our top Stress Down activities:


1. Host your own morning tea

Host a morning tea at work, school or for your friends. Include a donation upon entry into morning tea and also set up donation boxes for people to contribute as they enjoy the treats! Include some games like 'guess how many lollies in the jar' and people can pay a gold coin donation to guess. You can add in some little quirks like if anyone mentions work during morning tea they have to donate a gold coin!


2. Worst dad joke competition

We have all heard them, it’s now time to share them with everyone and see how funny you really are. Set up a 'worst dad joke' competition and charge a gold coin entry fee and get the crowd to judge who has the best (or worst) joke. Perfect way to lighten the mood in the office.


3. Trivia competition

Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to do a trivia challenge with your work mates. Most local papers have daily trivia questions and for every question you get right participants donate a gold coin and for every question you get wrong you can up the ante! This is a great way to laugh with your colleagues and test your knowledge.


4. Paper plane throwing contest

The best way to stress less and laugh more is not forgetting you were a kid once! Have a paper plane throwing contest. Get participants to make a donation upon entry and furthest plane wins a prize!


5. Fashion parade - best or worst stress down outfit

Stress Down Day's aim is to have fun and laugh! What better way to do this then dressing up or dressing down! Hold a fashion parade for the best and worst stress down outfits. This could be your PJs, slippers, fancy dress or your favourite characters - just don’t forget to laugh! And if you don’t dress up or stress down you have to make a donation to the host.



6. Dare your boss to dress up as a superhero for the day

Get all your colleagues on board and challenge your boss on Stress Down Day! Get everyone involved and raise as much as you can to see them strut their stuff as a superhero. The more money you raise the longer they have to stay dressed up!


7. Lunch time soup kitchen

What better way to warm up and stress less with some homemade soup! Get some volunteers at your work or school to make big pots of soup and at lunch time host a soup kitchen! People can bring their own coffee mugs and charge $5 a cup or $10 a bowl. Add in little quirks like if someone mentions work during lunch they have to donate a gold coin!


8. Yoga

Do you know someone who teaches yoga and could spare their lunch time for one day to help a national charity? Get everyone relaxed for the rest of the day by hosting a yoga class! Participants can feel good and help raise funds for Lifeline while stretching out.


9. Hand and neck massages

Set up a massage station and recruit some helpers (ask around you would be surprised at how many people are trained in massage) and do hand and neck massages during the day! Charge people for 5, 10 or 15 minute massages and watch as everyone stresses less and feels better by helping raise funds for Lifeline.


10. We want to hear how you like to stress less and laugh more. Email your tips to

The options are ENDLESS as long as you are having fun, stressing less and helping Lifeline raise funds for our vital services any activity can help you stress down on July 24.